The CBA and financial rules are typically revisited each offseason during the Owners Meetings. The simple majority determines most of these decisions, with the commissioner casting the deciding vote in tiebreakers. Outlined below are our current league rules as of 2031.


In-Game Rules

  Roster Size: Max 53 Active Players

  Practice Squad: Max 9 Players

  Practice Squad Experience: No limit

  Overtime Format: Modified Sudden Death

  Playoff Structure: 8 Team, 4 WC Playoff

  Schedule: 4 Preseason Games (No Injuries) + 16 Regular Season Games

  Trade Deadline: Week 7


Financial Rules

  Hard Salary Cap: $229,320,000

  Player Salary Guarantee: 25%

  Veteran Minimum Salary: $600,000

  Rookie Minimum Salary: $600,000

  First Round RFA Tender: $4,750,000

  Second Round RFA Tender: $3,500,000

  First Refusal RFA Tender: $2,250,000